Health Psychology

Our health psychology service with Bio-psycho-socio-spritual approach tries to  suppor patients and their families cope with the short and long term impact of having medical disorder .

Health Psychology

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Service Model of

Department of Health Psychology

Our goal is to help clients improve their quality of life. We aim to help each client find new and better ways of coping, and to find new ways of behaving and thinking to help manage issues.

Our service model includes an evaluation of a client’s biological, psychological, and social factors and offering :Direct assessment and therapeutic work with patients, individually, with families, carers or in groups ; clinical work with other professionals ; and research in teams (Master and PhD students of health psychology) including consultation, advice and supervision  of  prof. Saied Malihialzackerini  and play a leading role in research and audit activities.Our therapists are licensed practitioner (license from PCOIRAN) with a doctoral degree as well as specialized training supervised by Dr.Saied Malihialzackerini (Clinical health psychologist).

Department of Health psychology tell us.

Our Role and Objectives

As APA mentioned , the objectives of our department of health psychology is understanding the etiology, promotion and maintenance of health, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of physical and mental illness; the study of psychological, social, emotional and behavioral factors in physical and mental illness; and the improvement of the health care system and formulation of health conditions of our patients.

services provided by our health psychologists typically include: diagnosis and assessment, intervention and treatment, consultation with professionals and others, program development, supervision, administration, psychological services and evaluation and planning of these services and teaching and research and contributing to the knowledge of all of these areas.

Clinical Psychology

Provision of diagnostic, assessment, treatment plan, treatment, prevention, and consultative services to our patients

Clinical Psychology

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Department of clinical psychology tell us.

Our role

Our clinical psychologists  meet with clients to identify problems—emotional, mental and behavioral—in their lives. Through observation, interviews and tests , we will Identify psychological, emotional or behavioral issues and the use of evidence-based approaches and utilizing cultural context  to assessment clinical practices, techniques, and treatments .Our therapists are licensed practitioner (license from PCOIRAN) with a doctoral degree as well as specialized training supervised by Dr.Saied Malihialzackerini (Clinical health psychologist).


Our objectives

Acquisition of knowledge in the breadth of scientific psychology ,  theoretical foundations of practice and issues of cultural and individual diversity.Also competency in the development of treatment plans based on assessment data and knowledge of evidence-based treatments and applying of clinical ethics to clinical practice.


Family and Couple Counseling

SCCP provides high-quality therapy services to couples ,  families and their relatives to strengthen their relationships, resolve conflicts, improving communications, premarital and marriage counseling and achieve their well-being.

Family and Couple counseling

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Family & Couple Counseling

SCCP provides high-quality therapy services to couples ,  families and their relatives to strengthen their relationships, resolve conflicts, improving communications, premarital and marriage counseling and achieve their well-being.Our psychologists also work with mental health issues of  family members such as depression , anxiety , phobias, life style problems and psycho-somatic complications.


Our Role

In our services , the therapist will begin by meeting with both partners and then spend some time with each individual.the therapist tries to learn about the problems, especially problems within a family , get the thoughts of everyone involved, and observe couple/family dynamics.Over time, they will identify individual family roles and behaviors that contribute to conflicts, identify specific challenges, and explore ways to actively resolve issues.Our therapists are licensed practitioner (license from PCOIRAN) with a doctoral degree as well as specialized training supervised by a marriage and family therapist.

Child and Adolescent Psychology Clinic

The Department for Child and Adolescent Psychology (DCAP) at Symia Psychology and Counseling center with a multidisciplinary team present psychology and counseling services to children and adolescents (age 3-18+) and their parents in the Greater Alborz Provience.

Child and Adolescent Psychology Clinic

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Child and Adolescent Psychology Clinic

As child / adolescent specialists, our unifying focus is on helping young people and families thrive.  There are many psychologists and counselors in Iran, but far fewer who specialize in child and adolescent problems, and even fewer who provide both assessment and treatment services.  At the Department for Child and Adolescent Psychology (DCAP) , each one of our providers brings a unique set of skills and talents to our work with youth and families, and we invite you to get to know us by reviewing our website.Our therapists are licensed practitioner (license from PCOIRAN) with a doctoral degree as well as specialized training supervised by Dr.Raheleh Karampour (Medical and Developmental Psychologist)

What and How?

Our Role and Objectives

The Department for Child and Adolescent Psychology (DCAP) endeavors to expand the psychological services under supervision of Dr.Rahele Karampour (PhD in Developmental and Medical Psychology from Vygotsky Institute of Psychology – Moscow) . DCAP provides a full range of psychological services – psychological evaluations, diagnoses, and treatments, such as individual therapy, play therapy, family therapy and Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT).  Our focus is on providing those treatments which have been demonstrated through clinical research to be most effective in addressing particular problems.

Psychological Testing

Our psychologists use tests and other assessment tools to measure and observe a client’s behavior and mental processes to arrive at a diagnosis and guide treatment. All tests at SCCP center are designed to help you find serious answers to your questions about cognitive functioning, IQ, personality, or career assessment.

Psychological Testing

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Psychological Testing and Assessment Services

Our psychologists administer tests and assessments for a wide variety of reasons, for example for learning disabilities, determines your personality profile, cognitive performance, neuropsychological issues . We use tests and assessments together at the same time as components of a psychological evaluation.We pick and choose a specific set of assessments and tests for each individual client.Our licensed psychologists (license from PCOIRAN) with a doctoral degree are expertly trained to administer assessments and tests and interpret the results.

What and How?

Our Role and Objectives

Psychological testing isn’t like taking a multiple-choice exam that you either pass or fail. Rather, psychologists use information from the various tests and assessments to reach a specific diagnosis and develop a treatment plan.At the SCCP Center, we test for, evaluate, and address neuropsychological disorders in children and adults. All our neuropsychological tests are validated, normed and controlled for various variables such as age, sex or levels of education in Iranian Sample.At our center, we use a multidisciplinary approach to assessing psychological functions. Evaluators at The SCCP Center conduct individually administered, personalized, and comprehensive assessments in order to obtain detailed information about a person’s social/emotional, behavioral, intellectual, and academic functioning.


SCCP provide assessment and treatment to help people with complex difficulties. We provide individual psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, metacognitive psychotherapy and consultation.


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Appropriate Therapy

There are many different types of psychological problem. It is useful to have an idea of the nature of your problem. This will help you find out more about it so that you may be able to help yourself and you will be able to ask potential therapists how much experience they have in treating it.It is often possible to help yourself. The first thing you can do is try to increase your activity levels and talk to your family about your concerns. The next thing is to find an expert psychotherapist that can suggest ways of changing unhelpful behaviors, thought patterns and feelings.

Best way to find a therapist is to look for a therapist accredited by the psychology and counseling organization of i.r.iran. According to rules stressed by Parliment of I.R.Iran concerning psychology and counseling services, activities of other organizations in the fields of psychology and counseling  are illegal and not reliable(chapter 3 and item5).

what and How

Our methods and Roles

The SCCP as a licensed Center based on the use of different methods of psychotherapy including existential , cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness, psycho-educational interventions and specially Farsi version of  Meta-Cognitive Training for psychosis and Farsi version of  Meta-Cognitive Training for depression under supervision of Prof.Saied Malihialzackerin. The philosophy of the SCCP Center is based on strengths and positive side of human being.Perhaps the most powerful method in psychotherapy is sharing the raw, honest thoughts and feelings about what’s happening  here-and-now. We are a team to help you Find fulfillment in your life; Reduce the symptoms that create suffering for you; To support you having meaningful, intimate and loving relationships.We consider the therapeutic relationship as the vehicle that can provide the potential for long term change and growth. Instead, we adhere to the belief that change takes time and that insight and trust are required to create a lasting difference.we are interested in learning all about your thoughts, your feelings, your relationships, your identity and understanding everything that makes you, you.


The Department of Research is an online system (ROS) for managing research studies involving dissertations of  Psychology students , workshops and webinars participants . Participants and student researchers benefit from the ROS by gaining access to a large pool of  participants in our psychology forums in both English and Farsi languages. Participants acquire important experiential learning opportunities from the ROS and learn firsthand about research in psychology in exchange for course credit.

Our center are internationally oriented and bilingual (English and Farsi); So we appreciate cooperation and participation of all psychologists across the world.


For more information and participation go to our psychology forums or research page


Department of Research

The fundamental aim of SCCP Center is the promotion and dissemination of high quality scientific knowledge in the domains of basic and applied psychology; Also The SCCP Based on the use of Scientistpractitioner model and its goal is to increase scientific growth within  psychological practices.

The department of research consist of three main divisions: first, Research projects which include PhD, Master and undergraduate dissertations and thesis ,mainly under supervision of Prof.Saied Malihialzackerini in different topics of psychology.Second, workshops and courses for psychologists as well as public.  Third, cyclic and continuing  Web Based Conferences – webinars in psychology .

What and How

Let’s Work Together

The research carried out in the Department of Research is strongly oriented towards an empirical and interdisciplinary approach of the major themes in psychology.

The department is internationally oriented and bilingual (English and Farsi);Interdisciplinary innovation, discovery, and education to promote knowledge and professional skills of psychologists and  improve psychological well-being and health conditions of our clients.

We help our researchers develop the skills they need to join the next generation of research leaders.Also we present a varied program of training and activities to develop our psychologists professional skills. we appreciate cooperation and participation of all psychologists across the world.

Continuing Education

SCCP offers residential, online, summer, and part-time courses and workshops , as well as public lectures in diverse psychological topics.

Department for Continuing Education runs many courses , offered on a part-time basis. Programs include  online short courses and workshops , weekly classes, day events and continuing professional training for psychologists  at undergraduate and postgraduate level and as well as public lectures in English and Farsi Languages.

The duration of study varies, from one and two-day courses, through two-year part-time courses and training, and courses are often taken for personal interest or for professional development.

Continuing Education

Residential, online, weekend, summer, and part-time courses and workshops, as well as public lectures.


Continuing Education

The Department of continuing education  is proud to offer continuing education opportunities to highly motivated learners . Psychologists who wish to take Psychology courses to support personal development, to enhance current careers, or to build towards new career opportunities will find a wide choice of courses delivered in the evenings, weekends, and some via distance (E-learning)in both English and Farsi Languages.The SCCP Center provide the opportunity for professional development through varied online and offline courses and workshops for psychologists as well as public participants.

We offer a growing range of short and part-time psychology courses and workshops, suitable for both newcomers to the field and those who have studied psychology  at different levels of PhD , Master or Bachelor .



Our online and interactive courses, conferences, training programs helps international admissions professionals and recruiters, understand psychological systems  from around the world. Our goal is to help you develop the knowledge and skills necessary to make a good psychologist.

We offers online classes in several areas of psychology to help all types of learners, from professionals to those with a purely personal interest. Psychology courses through SCCP Center range from the more theoretical to a range of courses in applied and clinical psychology .

Our Center is internationally oriented and Bilingual and we offer you courses in Farsi And English Languages. Also we will appreciate cooperation and participation  of interested people across the world.

International Cooperation

SCCP has been pursuing “International Cooperation on Psychological and Health Sciences”

The Symia Comprehensive Centre for Psychology (SCCP) is a private nonprofit organization in the I.R.Iran located in Karaj City , Alborz province. Our stated purpose is to train volunteers for psychological projects and practice In Iran. We make a number of international contacts, which in many cases have led to the establishment of permanent international cooperation.Prof.Saied Malihialzackerini as founder and manager of the SCCP has a diverse cooperation with:
Meta-Cognitive-Trainig International Group Supported by Hamburg University
Russian Universities
Institutions and professors from many countries around the world.

International Cooperation

Work together in research, workshops, conferences, courses …

International Department

aims to:

We have raised the awareness among  psychologists, as well as our students , that our future depends on an effective skills training system.We promote the benefits of and need for skilled professionals through, skill training, and knowledge exchange.

  • Provide Psychologists access to an international knowledge base where ideas and best practices are exchanged.
  • Provide a place and a platform where anyone with an interest in how professional skills make a difference – from youth, teachers, and institutions to practical services , can meet, learn and develop together.
  • Impact the national, regional, and global education agendas and resource distribution.
  • Create an increased understanding for how important skills training is for professional development in psychology.


international Cooperation

The SCCP Center is responsible for strengthening and expanding the international research and academic network of multinational scientists  in accordance with its International Network Cooperation strategy to implement and advance the center internationalization strategy, support psycholgists in the initiation of long-term international research cooperation,enhance the appeal of Symia Center as destination of choice for outstanding doctoral, master and bachelor students from Iran and abroad, position Symia Center as an innovative force in international discourses on current topics of higher education development.

By working within the five key areas  of Research, Electronic /Online Courses , workshops, web-based conferences / webinars in psychology and psycho-therapeutic innovations, The Symia Center will be the global hub for skills excellence and development with ongoing activities nationally, regionally and internationally.


Symia Psychology and Counseling Forum is a noncommercial community of individuals of all ages interested in psychology who are here to learn new information, to help each other, and to help their fellow peers.

With that in mind, we ask that all members please follow these simple rules in order to create an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable.please remember that the forum is for advice and suggestions- diagnosis and recommendations may not be reliable (and we are all individuals so react differently to illness and medications) so please always be sure to go and see your psychologist or psychiatrist if you have a medical concern!


A noncommercial community of individuals of all ages interested in psychology


Symia Psychology Forums

The Symia Psychology Forums is an online discussion site where people interested in psychology can hold conversations in the form of posted messages, Upload and Download useful files and article. Also, users have to register with the forum and then subsequently login in order to post messages; So signing up and filling membership form is necessary to access to forums and depending on the access level of a user a posted message might need to be approved by the moderator.

Our Forums used as a tool in e-Learning system of courses and workshops on diverse topics op psychology and allow learners to connect and collaborate in electronic environments.

Benefits of

our forums

More and more people are turning to the Forums to reach out to stay updated and in-touch. As e-Learning professionals in psychology, we have the opportunity to tap into this need for electronic/virtual interaction by using online forums in diverse topics of psychology .

Our online forums are for peer-to-peer discussion, As well, The forums can also provide learners with the support they need from their instructors or tutors, and keep them up-to-date with the latest news about the online course/s. Our forums also  give learners the opportunity to connect with their peers / tutors and receive invaluable feedback and professional help.They are particularly useful for learners who lack motivation or are easily distracted, as they keep them immersed in the educational experience and cater to a wide range of learning styles.