Empowering Programs for Psychologists

To empower psychologists we prepared  research and educational facilities . Participants and student researchers benefit from the ROS by gaining access to a large pool of  participants in our psychology forums in both English and Farsi languages. Our center are internationally oriented and bilingual (English and Farsi); Also we offered on a part-time basis. Programs include  online short courses and workshops , weekly classes, day events and continuing professional training for psychologists  at undergraduate and postgraduate level and as well as public lectures.


SCCP offers residential, online, summer, and part-time courses and workshops , as well as public lectures in diverse psychological topics.


Cyclic and Continuing  Web Based Conferences – Webinars in Psychology


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Our online and interactive courses, conferences, training programs helps international admissions professionals and recruiters, understand psychological systems  from around the world. Our goal is to help you develop the knowledge and skills necessary to make a good psychologist.

We offers online classes in several areas of psychology to help all types of learners, from professionals to those with a purely personal interest. Psychology courses through SCCP Center range from the more theoretical to a range of courses in applied and clinical psychology .

Our Center is internationally oriented and Bilingual and we offer you courses in Farsi And English Languages. Also we will appreciate cooperation and participation  of interested people across the world.


Empowering Psychologists

The fundamental aim of SCCP Center is the promotion and dissemination of high quality scientific knowledge in the domains of basic and applied psychology; Also The SCCP Based on the use of Scientistpractitioner model and its goal is to  increase scientific growth within psychological practices. Our empowering programs consist of three main divisions: first, Research projects which include PhD, Master and undergraduate dissertations and thesis ,mainly under supervision of Prof.Saied Malihialzackerini in different topics of psychology.Second, workshops and courses for psychologists as well as public.  Third, cyclic and continuing  Web Based Conferences – webinars in psychology .

We help our researchers develop the skills they need to join the next generation of research leaders.Also we present a varied program of training and activities to develop our psychologists professional skills. we appreciate cooperation and participation of all psychologists across the world.

Private, Semiprivate & Group Classes

Preparation for English Proficiency Test (EPT)

This course is useful forPhD candidates who want to participate for comprehensive exam and defend from their dissertations.

Private , Semiprivate and Group Courses on

Preparation for IELTS

SCCP center offer online preparation courses for International English Language Testing System

Each week, the course focuses on one of the four skill components of the IELTS test (Reading, Listening, Writing, Speaking), and uses videos, test samples and quizzes to give you a greater understanding of the test format and help you get your best IELTS score.

Long Term Courses

Comprehensive Training of Psychopathology

This course provides a comprehensive training to the fields of abnormal psychology and clinical psychiatry. This course are based on the classification according to the American Psychiatric Association system of classification of mental illness and the Kaplan & Sadock’s Comprehensive Textbook of Psychiatry.

Introductory and Advanced

Meta Cognitive Psychotherapy

Metacognitive Training (MCT) is a psychological method of psychotherapy for the treatment of mental disorders. MCT is supported by scientific evidences. The metacognitive training program is comprised of eight modules targeting common cognitive errors and problem solving biases. The aim of these sessions is to raise the participants’ awareness of these distortions and to prompt them to critically reflect on, complement, and change their current repertoire of problem solving. In clinical practice, MCT is most commonly used for treating schizophrenia , Borderline personality disorder , Obsessive – compulsive disorder as well as depression .