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To schedule an appointment for Psychology services and to discuss potential appointment options (Tel.or Online) , please call:9826334480602 ,982634480285 ,989373448099 or Click the Icon for on-line appointment.

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To reserve our services you may use our  Online Banking ePayments (OBeP). All payments is in Iranian Rial using Iranian Banks or Shetab or Shaparak Banking Networks.

Electronic / On-line Learning

Study at Symia Comprehensive Center for Psychology (SCCP) wherever you are in the world, with a short online course and / or workshop.We offers a variety of open learning opportunities, including online courses and modules. Our methods are very simple and anyone with an Internet connection can gain access to courses from Symia Center.The Research and Education Group of SCCP is actively engaged in developing international partnerships. Currently, the group works with accredited universities and institutions.

Psychology Forums

Discuss any topics of  psychology, get help, give help, chat , free  download with other psychologists – come and join the community at Symia Psychology Forum at no cost to our members . A free , safe and secure self-help support community (more than 500 psychologists) run by Symia Comprehensive Center for Psychology & Counseling.You can visit these web sites to access different forums on different aspects of psychology.  If you are interested in contributing please take a look at our forums.


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Symia Comprehensive Centre for Psychology (SCCP) , under direct supervision of Saied Malihialzackerini (PhD in health psychologist) and Raheleh Karampour (PhD in Developmental and Medical Psychology) , aims to provide exemplary private psychology care to all ages. The (SCCP), established in 2009, is dedicated to providing a wide range of psychological services to the greater Iranian community around the world , including psychotherapy, assessment, training and consultation. The (SCCP) partners are accomplished, experienced, and highly-trained psychologists and specialists. We have eNAMAD license (the official indicator for an approved and trusted online vendor)  from  Iran’s Ministry of Industry and Mining and approved license from Psychology and counseling organization of I.R.Iran.We welcome individuals, couples, families children and adolescents and offer an extensive range of clinical services  psychological assessments, training groups and enrichment courses and workshops.

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The Symia Comprehensive Centre for psychology provides up to date information and resources to assist with mental health issues for all Iranians around the world. The site provides online e-therapy services as well as other information about anxiety, stress, depression and …. Our programs are generally web-based supported where people can access information and counseling, and undertake therapy modules to assist them in managing  mental health issues.

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International Cooperation

The Symia Comprehensive Centre for Psychology (SCCP) is a private nonprofit organization in the I.R.Iran located in Karaj City , Alborz province. Our stated purpose is to train volunteers for psychological projects and practice In Iran. We make a number of international contacts, which in many cases have led to the establishment of permanent international cooperation. The SCCP within the framework of institutional cooperation with:
Meta-Cognitive-Trainig International Group Supported by Hamburg University
Russian Universities
Institutions and professors from many countries around the world.


To schedule an appointment for Psychology services and to discuss potential appointment options (Tel.or Online) , please call:9826334480602 ,982634480285 ,989373448099 or Click the Icon for on-line appointment.

MetaCognitive Institute

Symia Comprehensive Center for Psychology (SCCP) with help of scientists from different disciplines created the Persian institute for metacognition  and invite interested people to develop a network of scientists and clinicians who are able to deliver effective intervention to psychiatric patients . We are grateful for both comments and criticism.

Courses & Workshops

The SCCP provides continuing education programs for psychologists and other mental health professionals. These programs provide the opportunity for professional development opportunities while earning Psychology and Counseling Organization of I.R.Iran (PCOIran) credits.

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